+ What is the mission of the Prostate Cancer Foundation?

To accelerate the world’s most promising prostate cancer research for better treatments and cures. Since 1993, our unique strategies for identifying and investing in the most promising research programs have generated life-saving results. We channel resources to the world’s top scientific minds—cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed breakthroughs.

+ Who operates the event to benefit the PCF?

Each event is operated by the person (possibly you) or a group of people (possibly a small committee you put together) at their local golf course. Our Director of Golf with the PCF will help you along the way, by identifying the right type of benefiting program, helping you structure a budget and developing any promotional opportunities.

+ How do I get started?

The first thing to do is line up a golf course and a date for your golf event. Once you have that information, you can complete the CONTACT form on this website or call our Director of Golf at 866.586.5585. The form has a list of questions for you including all your contact information. If you aren’t sure of the information, you can leave it blank and we’ll follow up to help you complete as the event begins to take shape.

+ What should I be thinking about when creating my event?

Whether you know a lot about the game or not, we can help you with a range of ideas and methods for raising funds through your event. You’ll want to decide on a format depending on whether it will be fun or competitive. You may want to have contests out on the course, such as closest-to-the-hole or long drive contests. Many of these can be discussed with the staff at the course as well. Other elements such as raffles, auctions, donations, sponsorship opportunities and the price for entry fees can be vetted with our Director of Golf and your committee members (if you have a committee).

+ Can we modify these in any way?

All events are unique in their own way. We offer a variety of programs with the hope that one will best fit both the golf club and the patrons who participate and contribute to the cause. We can modify or meld our programs to give your event the best opportunity for success, keeping in mind our goal is to optimize the bottom line contributions for research.

+ What other expectations should we have from the PCF for these programs?

Other than the package items, many participants will want more information about the foundation and our efforts in the science community. All this can be found at www.pcf.org. Because of the progressive nature in which the foundation operates, and the rapid developments in research and treatments, we have virtually eliminated all printed materials related to our findings and success in the world of science. Our current printed materials generally offer some quick information with statistics and keep the focus on the positive outcomes of the PCF efforts.

+ Our event will support the PCF and another cause. Is this OK to do?

We know charity dollars are hard to come by, and everyone is asked to support numerous causes near and dear to them. While we prefer to be the sole beneficiary of any event, we often share the stage with other similar causes in the cancer world or with local charitable endeavors. As long as the support and the contributions distributed to each charity are equitable, we can develop a unique package to accommodate your event. There may be some restrictions, however, we try very hard to work with you and create a winning situation for all involved.

+ What expectations does the foundation have of me or my committee in operating our event?

The most important thing to remember is golf is about the time spent with friends, family and simply having a great time. Golf is meant to be fun. We work with you on the right program and your budget, offer suggestions to improve and grow participation, and provide recommendations to help you raise even more money. After the event is complete, we require all the contributions be delivered to the PCF within a 30 day period of your event. This allows our accounting team to accurately account for all monies raised by your event and our science team to quickly deliver the funds to approved research projects. Our goal is to put the funds you raised into the hands of science within 45 days of your event.

Unfortunately, no. Our science team is the only group of people who dictate how the funds are allocated. Their goal falls in line with finding a cure through the most progressive research projects in the world. No one wants to find a cure more than the members of our science board. Our offerings with collateral, gift items, etc. are only to be used in as part of an event supporting the PCF and the research being done by its approved teams and programs.